Principle of Plant Sciences 206 (PLSC206, every Fall) syllabus

          --The course covers plant cell biology; morphology; anatomy and its function; physiology and basic plant  biochemistry; effect of environmental factors on plant growth and development; interactions of plants with their biotic environment; basics of plant genetics; breeding and biotechnology. Whenever possible the importance of basic findings in plant biology and plant sciences for practical applications in agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, medicine and biotechnology will be discussed.

Metabolomics: An Introduction (PLSC493D or PLSC593A) Summer online or hybrid course

Teaching Practicum (PLSC490 or PLSC790)


                 -- This course involves with PLSC206. TA covers two lab sessions.

          *Graduate TA is not only operate lab session but also involve with developing new curriculum.


2016 TA Yu-Chun and Dr. Ku's new epicuticular wax lab curriculum was selected as cover page on Journal of Chemistry Education (3/18/2017)

Independent Study (HORT495)