Teaching Courses in CNU


General Plant Sciences (일반식물학), Plant Physiology (식물생리학), Advanced Plant Physiology (식물생리학 특론)


Field Vegetable Production and Practice (노지채소학 및 실습), Horticultural Crop Metabolomics and Practice (원예작물 대사체학 및 실습), Bioactivity Sciences of Horticultural Crops (원예작물기능성학)

Teaching Courses in WVU

Principle of Plant Sciences 206 (PLSC206, every Fall 2015-2018 in WVU)

Metabolomics: An Introduction (PLSC493D or PLSC593A) Summer 2018 online

Independent Study (HORT495)Teaching Practicum (PLSC490 or PLSC790)


Fall/2016 TA Yu-Chun Chiu and Dr. Ku's collegues developed new epicuticular wax lab for agriculture students. This paper was selected as cover page on Journal of Chemistry Education (3/18/2017)


Fall/2018 TA Tyler Simpson and Dr. Ku's collegues developed new allelopathy lab for agricultural students. This paper is accepted in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education (3/1/2019)