Postdoctoral Associate, Dr. Moo Jung Kim  (Dec 2015-Sep 2017, Feb 2018- )

- Imidacloprid quntification from salamander.

- Postharvest quality of vegetables and small fruits.

- Phytonutrients anlaysis from vegetables.

Ph.D student, Yu-Chun Chiu (Aug 2015 -    )

- Methyl jasmonate application on sensory quality and phytonutrients.

- Food pathogen attachment on leafy vegetables.

MS student, Tyler Simpson

- Allelopatic effect of horseradish roots

- Imidacloprid quntification from water.

Erika Ridgway (Grduated 2017 Spring)

-Antibacterial effects of brassica crops on food pathogens.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program (6/1/2016-7/30/2016)

Marissa Frazie

-Phytonutrient variations from various mustard (Brassica juncea) cultivars.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program (6/1/2016-7/30/2016)

For Prospective Graduate and Undergraduate Students

We welcome inquiries from highly motivated undergraduates or graduate students with interests in plant biology, plant biochemistry, and plant metabolomics for improving health promoting bioactivity and produce biosafety in food crops.

If you are considering a career in plant science or horticulture, gaining research experience early will give you an excellent opportunity to develop your scientific interests and skills. Undergraduate students will be invited to collaborate on research projects in the lab, and to develop their own research projects as their interests develop.

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For Prospective Postdoctoral Candidates

I wll occasionally consider bringing postdoctoral associates on board. I would encourage prospective postdoctoral candidates to contact me directly in order to discuss their research interests, and other factors for joining the lab.

Visiting Scholar (Jan/2017 - Dec/2017) from

Zhengzhou University of Light Industry.

Dr. Lihua Zhang

- Flavor anlaysis using GC-MS-ITEX between regular green teas and decaffenated green teas

Visiting Scholar (Jul/2017 - Jun/2018) from Zhengzhou University of Light Industry.

Dr. Mengpei Liu

- Flavor anlaysis using GC-MS-ITEX for watermelon diversity panel for GWAS

- Phytonutrients analysis from broccoli by-products

Previous lab members

Undergraduate lab assistant, Amanda Neff

Undergraduate lab assistant, Ben McKeen

Undergraduate lab assistant, Ainsely Cheuvront

Undergraduate lab assistant, Suk Lan Ser