We are intrested in these resaerch questions:

how we can enhance phytonutrietns by using agricultural practice or biotic/abiotic stresses,

which genes regulate secondary metabolites in plants after various stresses,

how we can maintain these inducible health-promoting phytonutrients during postharvest storage,

how we can effectively avoid and remove foodborne pathogens in food crops during production and storage?

Methyl jasmonate application enhances defense related phytochemicals and cancer chemoprevention activity in broccoli and kale under field condition.

Methyl jasmonate and 1-MCP combination treatment maximaze anti-cancer phytochemicals without loss of quality during postharvest storage.

Methyl jasmonate can be a useful tool to evaluate cabbage looper registance of broccoli or other brassica crops in metabolome and transcriptome level.

Correlation of quinone reductase activity and allyl isothiocyanate formation among different genotypes and grades of horseradish roots.

USDA arugula germplasm screening; there was a significant glucosinolate variations among different genotypes: Arugula has very low epithiospecitier protein activity.

Broccoli by-products provide excellent source of essential phytonutrietns.

Comparision study of insect damage and methyl jasmonate application on kale.